All-in-one browser extension for web development

Hoverify is a suite of tools to enhance your web development experience and boost your productivity.


Tools for professional web developers.

Made to improve and ease your daily development experience.


Inspect HTML and CSS by just hovering over the element.


Pick colors from anywhere on the page, even from images and iframes.


Know what technologies a site uses with one click.


Preview any site on multiple screen sizes side-by-side.


Quickly fetch images, svgs, videos and lottie animations from any page.


Take a screenshot of the page or every tab at once.


Check for broken links, HTML semantic elements, clear cache, etc.


Hoverify makes it radically easy to inspect any site by just hovering over the element.

Computed View

All element styles compiled to show in a compact view.

Selector View

Styles are separated according to their proper selectors.

Media Queries & Animations

Extracts all the styles from media queries and keyframe animations.

Pseudo Element & Classes

Inspect pseudo element (:hover, :focus, etc) & element (:after, :before, etc).

Live Edit Styles

Live edit all the styles, even media queries and animations.

Copy Styles

Press spacebar to copy styles of the element.

Export to Codepen

Easily export whole component with children element to codepen.

Google Fonts

Extracts & search font used in a element on Google Fonts.


Check vertical and horizontal alignment of a element


Draw outline around every element to know page structure

Syntax Highlighting

All the styles are syntax highlighted for better reading

Edit Element

Check how different copy looks on your page by editing element content

Hide/Remove Elements

Easily debug page structure by removing element. Changes can be persisted if you want!

Search Elements

Find element through tag name, id or classes. Even with css selectors

Custom CSS & JS

Add custom CSS and Javascript to page automatically injected when you visit page next time.

Color Pallete

Inspect color pallete of whole site in a visual way.

Font Viewer

Know what font each tag is using.

Hot Reload

Conveniently restarts whenever page is reloaded.

Color Eyedropper

Pick colors from anywhere on the page, even from images and iframes.


Extract images, svgs, videos and lottie animations from page and download them.

Responsive Mode

Preview all target screens in a single window side-by-side. Brings down your development time!

Mirrored Interactions

Any click, scroll or navigation that you perform in one device will be replicated to all devices in real-time.

Manage Devices

Add new custom device profiles as you like and arrange devices to fit your style.

Hot-Reloading Supported

Does your development server support Hot-Reloading? Then we do too! Hot-Reload all devices in real-time for every save.

Built With

The simplest way to get hosting, technology, DNS, and SSL information about the site.


Capture full page or specific region on the page. Hoverify can do it all.


Clear cache, find meta tags, test hyperlinks, analyse HTML Semantic Elements or run a spellcheckOnly available on chrome and supports english in just one click.

Video Reviews

Check out these reviews to get a deeper understanding.


Yearly Subscription
  • All features
  • All updates for a year
  • License for 3 activations
  • Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge
  • Use on unlimited websites
$30 / year

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

  • Do you offer a trial version?
    As of now, we don't provide any trial version of Hoverify. However, we have a 14-day refund policy.
  • Can I activate my license key on my work and home computer?
    Yes, one license key can be activated in 3 browsers simultaneously. If you want to start it on the fourth browser, then you have to deactivate it from the previous. You can manage your license keys with our Dashboard.
  • What browsers are supported by Hoverify?

    Hoverify supports Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium forks like Brave, Edge, etc. Please note that the Firefox version is experimental and may not contain certain features.

    Please feel free to contact us if your browser is not listed or you have any doubt regarding support.

  • Do you collect my data?
    The extension needs an internet connection to check your license once. Everything else is working offline. We don't collect any data other than your name and email. None of your data is shared with a third party. Even for landing page analytics, we use privacy-friendly options like Plausible.