Web design got just a little bit easier

Hoverify makes inspecting, editing, copying HTML and CSS super easy by just hovering over the element. Quickly Search, Hide and remove element, Pick colors from anywhere on the page and capture screenshots.

*Supports Chrome, Brave and Chromium edge. One license can be activated in two browsers.
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Inspect HTML and CSS with light speed

Hoverify let's you inspect HTML and CSS with lighspeed by just hovering over the element.

H1 250px 160px
width= 250px height= 160px .heading color: #fff; font-family: Roboto, 'Open Sans'; font-size: 20px; margin: 1rem 0rem 1rem 1rem; background: linear-gradient(#EB4B48, #EEB14F); border: 1px solid #2348B6;
  • Computed Mode

  • Inspector Mode

  • Media queries

  • Keyframe animations

  • Edit element content

  • Copy styles with one click

  • Hide/show elements

  • Search elements

  • Guidelines

  • Grids

  • Pseudo classes

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Scrapes colors

  • Searches font on google fonts

Live Editing

Edit CSS and HTML attributes and see changes in realtime.

Selector Mode

This is inspect element on steroids. See styling according to selectors.

Media Queries & Animations

Quickly inspect media queries and keyframe animations.

Hide & Remove Elements

Better debug site by hiding or removing elements from the page.

Search Elements

Navigate through elements by easily searching them by their classes, id or tag names.

Color Eyedropper

A 10x zoom color eyedropper let's you pick colors more precisely. Just point over your mouse and pick color from any element on the screen, even images and iframes.


Take screenshot of the viewport or take viewport screenshot of all the tabs at once.

Frequently Asked Questions